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Frequently Asked Questions:


Can I choose the soldiers name?

This is an often asked question. The aim of Poppy Park is to remember every soldier that gave their life on the battlefield for the freedom we enjoy today. As families fade and generations pass, the individuals who gave their lives during these battles may no longer have anyone to specifically remember them. Given this, if people were to choose a specific person then those that have no one to remember them will never be chosen and our wish for collective remembrance will not be achieved. It is the vision to see all poppies purchased therefore we can be assured that each of our fallen heroes are being remembered.

In saying that we understand people also would like to individually remember a fallen hero they have a connection with. After we have distributed the poppies, during May, people who have purchased a poppy will be able to buy a reprint of the name card of individuals, which they can then add to the stem of their poppy, so they will then have two cards, one to be able to part of the collective remembrance as well another so they can have their own individual remembrance. Reprints will be available from June.

To order a name card reprint (click here)


How long will Poppy Park be open?

Poppy Park was open for 5 weeks from 21st March, 2015 to 29th April, 2015. 


How do I get my Poppy?

At the conclusion of Poppy Park each poppy was collected, packaged & posted to the purchaser. We believe that all poppies will be delivered by the end of June 2015.


Who receives the money?

Proceeds from Poppy Park will be donated to the Penrith RSL Sub Branch & Nepean Legacy.


How do we purchase poppies?

To make it work logistically and with the limited resources we have available, the best way to purchase is online.  

Westfields Penrith have kindly donated a position and set us up a stand to process cash purchases until 12th March.  Following that we will be able to process purchases at the park from the 21st March until its conclusion on the 29th April, or until all poppies have been purchased.


What do the poppies look like?

Each poppy has a long green stem, fabric red petals, a black centre piece and a card displaying the details of a fallen hero attached to the stem 


Where is Poppy Park Located?

Poppy Park will be located at Judges Park, Penrith (around 40 minutes drive west from Sydney along the M4).  Access to the park will be either via Woodriff Street (East Side) or The Broadway (West Side)



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